• Shravani Lenka

Life, In a co-working space.

'Alone we are smart, Together we are brilliant' - Steven Anderson, Educator

Are you someone who wants a change from the humdrum of the office atmosphere yet wary about co-working spaces and unsure about how it works or if it would suit you? This blog will help you understand and answer all your doubts- 

Productive yet fun environment :

A mundane, monotonous work life is the last thing you can expect from co-working space. It is more animated, positive & holds more promise. Co working spaces like the name implies, means people from different backgrounds and fields come together and work together. This often builds friendships and opens one to new influences and ideas that often results in collaborations and suggestions that often you alone would not have thought of yourself.

Flexibility :

Have you ever thought of taking a long lunch? or maybe getting out of work just to pick up your groceries?  None of this is possible if you have to check in at work at 9AM to give in your attendance. Imagine that kind of life!  Gone are those times where people used to do this. Now its all about flexibility. Its a high stake on the cards! People want easier options on where to work from and how to access to work! One Special thing about TwoTrees is it's flexibility, it is even accessible 24 / 7! Perfect for early birds and night owls of the work-sphere.

Community : 

Ever thought of taking a break from your work to play the game of strategy that is chess? or the engineering puzzle that is Jenga? or maybe just creative fun that is Taboo? You become a part of a community which indulges in games, fun activities and trips! This relaxed atmosphere revitalizes you from the tediousness of work and you back to work recharged. TwoTrees workspaces is the only chennai coworking to set up a specific day only to unwind - Game Fridays. Because of it's location and space, Twotrees workspaces have played host to many workshops, often relieving the stress built up during the the week on the weekend, and also, maybe pick up a new hobby or skill

Health :

The old technique of struggling and burning the midnight oil has disappeared. People are aware that health is everything. Eating and sleeping on time brings in more productivity at work and also helps to keep the mind alert and strong. Co-working helps in not only keeping one healthy but also gives in the chance for one to eat on time which helps in building one's progress.

There is something awe-inspiring about a co-working space. There is always a sense of exhilaration of people coming together for anything - maybe it be a festival, wedding or even a party. It brings together a sense of togetherness - a sense of being one which is complimented by the diversity of the different fields of those you share your co working space with. Being friends with Ranjana who works as a Graphic Designer and Saketh from architectural firm can help you get design your new product catering designers better.

So, if you want to experience this kind of life, choose one of our locations and be a part of  our TwoTrees Community! You can also follow us on our page @twotreesworkspaces to discover more!


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