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Disruption in Co-working space

Disruption is an odd term. If a disruption in the form of co-working spaces hadn’t happened we’d be still stuck in the good old days, when most people were working only in the traditional offices, with fixed hours. Many companies employing people from all over the world have broken many barriers among traditional businesses due to the disruption in the real estate market of co-working spaces and flexible workspaces.

But what are the effects of Covid19 Lockdowns on these small neighbourhood coworking spaces? Surprisingly, these compact coworking spaces are a much better fit than either office spaces or Work-From-Home.

This Covid19 lockdown has made it very clear how the Work-from-home option on an extended period can be more hassle than thought to be. With poor privacy, often fluctuating internet or power issues, and let’s not forget having to juggling housework; most people would rather work from offices again. This would mean getting away from the hustle of the home, like that oh-so-inconvenient cooker whistle in your conference calls, or the bobbing heads of your extra curious child in your video calls.

But is the possibility of opening up traditional office spaces really feasible? With greater risk of infections and travel risks, neighbourhood co-working spaces are becoming a more sought after option. A balance of office facilities like power back up, good hi-speed internet and office desks and privacy and home benefits like comfortable atmosphere, easier social distancing with a smaller number of people and easy travel to location via a bicycle or walking distance instead of being forced to travel far or using the public transport.

How small neighbourhood Co-working spaces are a much better option After COVID (AC) and Work from Home.

1. Neighbourhood Co-working Spaces like Two Trees employ all the required safety norms as directed by WHO. Especially with their “Spa...a...aced to Perfection” Workspaces that are efficiently use spaces while maintaining social distance.

2. Located in the heart of the City, Using Two Trees Co-working spaces also reduce the risk of infection by reducing the need to travel large distances (be it public or private), you can simply walk to work.

3. Using a customisable workspace like Two Trees can also offer you workspaces that are flexible - you could use the co-working spaces when you best need it, you can come in on alternative days and so on, as per your requirements.

4. Avoid Productivity Challenges like Lack of Privacy, distractions & Intermittent Connectivity problems.

5. Bye-Bye depressing environment

Most of us would have experienced a lack of motivation or energy, sitting and working in the same spot on a small cubicle space.

In comparison, Two Trees provides an optimal environment surrounded by greenery that can rejuvenate your downtrodden mind and provide a stress free and comfortable working environment. Just step into the lawn area or grab a bite at the cafe and exhale your woes away.


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