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Co-working Spaces are the Future

Offices are always portrayed as severe environments packed with hassled people in suits, copious amounts of burnt coffee and tensions running high—but what if we showed you an alternative that makes work far more enjoyable?

Introducing: TwoTrees Workspaces, a sprawling coworking space open for occupancy 24x7 nestled within the most tranquil part of Teynampet.

If you’re wondering what coworking spaces are, they’re basically shared offices where people from different walks of life settle down to enjoy a productive day’s work. Coworking spaces are the future and TwoTrees stands a class apart. Here’s why:

1. Free of distractions We all love our houses for a reason. They hold the people and things dearest to us and are tangible representations of our personality. However, getting any work done from home can be a lost cause. Distractions crawl out of the woodwork and there’s only so much resistance to put up. In light of this problem, TwoTrees has been designed in a tasteful yet minimalist style that keeps the mind centred on work.

2. Ideal for nomads Freelancers and employees who have to travel for work aren’t assigned official desks and find coworking spaces to be the perfect solution. They might be loath to work from home due to the aforementioned diversions and dull motels hardly inspire innovative work. They need a workspace that gets the creative juices flowing. In such cases they can sign up for a dedicated or hot desk at TwoTrees and reap the benefits.

3. Amenities galore Fledgling start-ups with 5-6 members always face the problem of being unable to afford their dream office space. At TwoTrees we’re strongly supportive of budding enterprises and admire their drive and out-of-the-box thinking. We’re equipped with state-of-the-art resources in the form of electricity, high-speed internet, furnishings, maintenance and all-day dining giving them the luxury to focus on projects.

4. Highly inclusive TwoTrees is aware of the varied requirements in infrastructure necessary for professionals hailing from different career paths. We see diversity as the magic ingredient that makes coworking such a unique experience. Thus, we’ve invested in building a flexible workspace that welcomes all kinds of people. Small teams are also free to hire more talent as we’re constantly expanding our centres and space is no constraint.

5. No more isolation Human beings are social animals and like to be surrounded by people even when engaged in solitary activities. Why else do we have the TV on in the background when we’re home alone, just to hear another voice? TwoTrees helps employees working from home experience the pulse of office life. We believe that people do their best work when they feel comfortable and what screams ‘comfort’ more than good company?

6. Role models abound With all these passionate individuals bouncing off of each other’s energy, great ideas are naturally born. Being in their midst is a sure-fire way to motivate anyone plagued with lethargy or the occasional creative block. After all, people tend to bring their A-game when they have dynamic peers. This fosters the spirit of healthy competition at TwoTrees and facilitates the exchange of ideas and value systems.

7. Emphasis on community Unlike business incubators and executive suites which are characterised by a high degree of formality, coworking spaces encourage socialising. At TwoTrees we not only offer the lucrative opportunity to network with players from every field, but also conduct fun events like Brush Lettering workshops and Personal Storytelling sessions. We want you to benefit in a well-rounded, holistic way, not just professionally.

8. Unwinding made easier While dedication and perseverance are crucial for achieving any goals, knowing when to take a break and rewarding yourself are equally important. At TwoTrees we have a gorgeous lounge overlooking the garden, where you can lose yourself in a gripping book or catch the latest CSK match. The Summer House Eatery and its succulent menu beckon from the ground floor, and we even offer home-style food for regulars.

9. Nature on display

The very name ‘TwoTrees’—inspired by the majestic eucalyptus and mango

trees framing the gate—alludes to our awe of Mother Earth. We have a spacious

outdoor area which ensures that you’ll never be cooped up inside. The décor

includes numerous vibrant and leafy potted plants from Harith Tharang, a green

boutique. In a bid to promote sustainability and conscious gifting, we’ve put up

these plants for sale.

10. Sense of fulfilment

A few decades ago, landing a stable job was considered the pinnacle of accomplishment but things are starting to look different. People today desire more than a paycheck; they want to have fun earning it and that’s precisely what TwoTrees represents. By serving as a community built on respect, ambition and friendship rather than a generic shared office, we help you achieve the ultimate job satisfaction.

So, there you have it. Climbing the corporate ladder is always going to be a challenge but immersing oneself in the right work culture is the first step towards success.

Contact us at +91 73387 17333 to book a tour; we guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.


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